Sound Mind is more than just academics – it’s creativity, critical thought, and knowledge.


BMS Banquet

The Sound Mind is sharp and clever, thoughtful and reflective. It thrives with higher learning and education, conversation, discussion, debate, and cultural pursuits.

SigEp chapters develop unique programing opportunities like formal dining etiquette sessions and ballroom dancing lessons. Members learn how to buy a car or home, how to manage a budget, how to dress for any ocasion, and other important life skills.

Through SigEp’s leadership programs, they learn how to lead men toward achieving goals, conflict resolution, project management, and how to sell an intangible idea like Brotherly Love. Many chapters host philosophy, religion, and political science professors to discuss current events, politics, and ways to make an impact in today’s world with the understanding that the pursuit of knowledge is unending.[theme_button type=”theme_button small” link=””]Learn More[/theme_button]



Sound Body is more than just athletics – it’s total wellness, conditioning, and health.

Gary Zack ’12

The Sound Body is ready and able, robust and nourished. It is fostered with regular exercise, relaxation, healthy limits, preventative health care and proper nutrition.

Many chapters educate their members on how to prepare healthier meals, how to properly manage stress, time and personal mental health with techniques such as yoga, CPR and other life-saving practices. Chapters host dieticians, doctors, coaches and other speakers to discuss relevant health and wellness issues with their members to help them live their best lives.

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